Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight)

What happens when New Zealand’s only accommodation wide revenue management service (Rooms Online) combines with one of the worlds quickest and most exacting rate parity tools (Lighthouse)? You will know daily if your rates are being discounted and be able to action this immediately.

The Rooms Online team can use Lighthouse to closely monitor whether your property is cheaper or more expensive across all online distribution channels, including: direct, major OTAs and wholesale OTAs. This then allows us to “manage” any parity and ensure third parties are not undermining your rates.


Introducing a very special partnership that brings our combined services, at a cost that is justifiable and unavailable elsewhere in NZ.

In partnership with Rooms Online, RoomPriceGenie is the easiest way to ensure that your rooms are priced right, every night. Utilising the combined power of pricing automation, your Revenue Manager’s knowledge and Rooms Online’s best practices, this winning solution is sure to drive revenue maximisation.

Room Genie

ASURE Accommodation Group

ASURE is a New Zealand-based accommodation network that includes a variety of independently owned and operated motels, hotels, and motor lodges. They focus on providing quality accommodation options for travellers across New Zealand.


Holiday Parks Association

Discover value-packed accommodation options for all types of travellers at New Zealand’s holiday parks, scattered across scenic and convenient locations throughout Aotearoa. Whether you prefer camping in a tent or parking your campervan, opting for a budget cabin, or indulging in the comforts of motels or apartments, the 280-member parks provide diverse choices to cater to your needs.

Holiday Parks New Zealand

Top 10 Holiday Parks

TOP 10 Holiday Parks, a benchmark for New Zealand’s holiday parks for four decades, guarantees excellent value for money and pristine, well-maintained facilities. With a 40-year legacy, these parks uphold the Kiwi tradition of camping grounds, ensuring that your holiday memories are enriched by the experience of staying at one of the finest holiday parks in New Zealand.

TOP 10 Holiday parks

Rooms Online have well established relationships in place with all major online travel agents including, Expedia, Bookit, The team are well versed in their systems and how to ensure your property gains the best exposure on each site as well as maximise revenue making opportunities.

NZ’s biggest OTA, Booking offers a wide range of accommodation, including hotels, motels, apartments, and hostels. Also provides flight and car rental options. Targets both domestic and international guests.


Another massive channel in NZ, Expedia offers comprehensive travel booking services, including flights, accommodation, car rentals, holiday packages, and activities. Targets both domestic and international guests and focus on partnerships such as powering accommodation for the AirNZ website.


Focuses on hotel bookings, offering a diverse range of accommodations globally with a particular emphasis on Asia.

A one-stop platform for travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages, with a focus on the Asian market and in particular China.


Specialises in accommodation bookings and holidays packages in NZ, often featuring deals and discounts for various destinations. Provides booking access to iSites throughout the country.

Luxury Escapes

Curated luxury travel experiences and packages, including stays in upscale hotels and resorts, along with additional perks.


A daily deals and discounts platform, including travel packages, activities, and accommodation in New Zealand.

Mitchell Corp

Information and booking services for tours, activities, and attractions in various destinations including accommodation, throughout New Zealand.


Primarily focuses on hostel bookings but also includes budget accommodation like guesthouses and budget hotels.


Unique lodging options such as private homes, apartments, and rooms for short-term stays, providing a more personalised and local experience.

These platforms cater to diverse travel needs, from budget options to luxury experiences, and cover various aspects of travel, including accommodations, flights, activities, and more.

Meta Channels


TripAdvisor is a popular travel review site that also offers a booking platform. Accommodation providers can list their properties on TripAdvisor, allowing travellers to view reviews and directly book through the site.


Trivago is a hotel search engine that compares prices from various booking sites. Accommodation providers can participate by ensuring their property is listed on the platform. Travellers can discover and compare hotels, and then they are redirected to the chosen booking site to complete the reservation.


Channel/Booking Opportunities: Google provides various channels for accommodation advertising. This includes Google My Business, where hotels can manage their information and engage with customers. Google Hotel Ads allows properties to showcase rates and availability directly on Google search results. Additionally, Google Maps and Google Search display accommodation options with booking links.

In summary, TripAdvisor and Trivago function as platforms where accommodations can be discovered and booked, with TripAdvisor also serving as a review site. Google offers multiple channels, including Google My Business, Google Hotel Ads, and integration with Google Maps and Search, providing diverse opportunities for accommodation advertising and direct booking.

Working agnostically, our team have a wide range of knowledge and expertise with most Property Management Systems (PMS) and channel managers to ensure they can help you with efficiency in rate mapping, set up and ongoing management. Technology in this area has been advancing rapidly in recent years, so if you would like advice or help in reviewing systems, our team can offer assistance.


SiteMinder stands out as the premier solution for hotel reservation management. The online reservation system seamlessly integrates with various hotel software and systems, streamlining the management of all facets of your business. This includes day-to-day operations and online distribution, providing you with a comprehensive tool for efficient business management.


STAAH Channel Manager is a cloud-based system designed for hotel and property managers, offering assistance in booking and revenue management. Notable features encompass inventory control, channel analytics, PCI compliance, and comprehensive analytics tools.


Motels utilising Seekom benefit from a suite of robust features, such as efficient booking calendar management, advanced housekeeping tracking tools, automated guest emails, secure credit card storage, seamless integration with a payment gateway, diverse sales channel options, automated revenue management, and effective upselling capabilities.


Preno offers an all-in-one Property Management Software (PMS) tailored for independent properties. This cloud-based solution simplifies various tasks, from bookings to invoicing, ultimately saving valuable time and resources. With Preno, you can automate daily tasks, efficiently manage your inventory, and easily track guest preferences, all within a unified platform.


Resly provides an integrated platform that combines a powerful property management system, a seamless channel manager, and a commission-free direct booking engine. This all-in-one solution simplifies operations by offering a single system that efficiently manages various aspects of property and hospitality management.

The Booking Factory

Booking Factory is a cloud-based property management system that streamlines property operations, offering an exceptionally easy solution through a comprehensive subscription. It serves as an all-in-one platform for hotel management and marketing, enabling independent hotels to build websites, increase bookings, and facilitate online payments seamlessly.


AbodeBooking is a dependable and user-friendly cloud-based booking system designed for accommodation providers. It efficiently manages bookings, saving time and contributing to increased revenue for users.


Sirvoy is a versatile property booking system and property management system suitable for various types of accommodations, including hotels, motels, hostels, B&Bs, lodges, and guest houses. With Sirvoy, your bookings are readily accessible anytime and anywhere without the need for installations or updates, providing a hassle-free solution for accommodation management.


Cloudbeds is a comprehensive cloud-based property management platform that encompasses a range of tools for efficiently handling reservations, availability, rates, distribution channels, payments, guests, housekeeping, and various other aspects of accommodation management.

Little Hotelier

Little Hotelier is a tailored property management solution designed for small accommodation providers and guesthouses. It effectively manages day-to-day operations, including handling bookings, processing check-ins and check-outs, and facilitating guest communications. Little Hotelier enhances the guest experience with features such as automatic confirmations and pre- and post-stay emails, ensuring a seamless and efficient hospitality service.


Newbook offers a comprehensive, cloud-based Property Management Software (PMS) platform that brings together all essential elements to streamline operations, enhance revenue, and liberate your time to focus on creating unforgettable guest experiences.

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