YHA Backpackers, Bay of Islands – Paihia

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Tell us about your background in accommodation hospitality?

I have been working in the hospitality industry for over 40 years. Initially I started out in hotels in my home town of Wellington and moved on to be General Manager for Resorts in Canada Fiji and the Cook Islands. I returned to my homeland in 2002 and worked for the Beachcomber Resort in Paihia and then became the Deputy CEO of the Waitangi National Trust for 7 years. In 2013 I decided to do something completely different and I brought the YHA backpacker hostel n Paihia.

Were you familiar with revenue management prior to meeting Rooms Online? 

Yes it became apparent that this is the way to operate in the 1990’s and I recall setting up systems in the Island properties I worked in.

How were you carrying out your revenue management prior to partnering with Rooms Online?

I was doing it as time permitted in my very hands on environment. I knew I was not giving this essential part of my business consistent regular attention that is needed today.

Do you have any frustrations with revenue management or OTAs?

There are more and more of them. Each needs regular consistent attention so your property can be the best positioned.

Why did working with Rooms Online appeal to you?

Rooms Online have staff dedicated to your property who will review your rates and positioning with OTA’s on designated times of your choosing. They are experienced competent people who know the OTA’s and the market and can give your property specific guidance to ensure that your property is well positioned in this essential area.

What hesitations did you have about partnering with Rooms Online?

My concerns will be coming into the off season when business dries up and aside from a few group bookings who come to us directly there is little business from OTA’s and the Rooms Online service would not be needed by me for the April -September period. I am encouraged after discussing with the Rooms Online team that they want to work with me and I am confident we can come up with a suitable arrangement over this quiet time.

How do you benefit from out outsourcing online revenue management to Rooms Online?

I know my rates are being reviewed by competent professionals frequently. I enjoy being able to bounce ideas and receive feedback from the Rooms Online team. 

In summary?

I am a small hands on business and I found that I was not always reviewing the essential OTA business. With Rooms on Lime I have a company who will be my partner and ensure that my property is in the best position to get revenue from OTA’s. It is also comforting to have someone who is fully experienced in these areas and the team is regularly evaluating my properties rate positioning and providing valuable feedback.


Andy Larsen

Owner & Hostel Host, YHA Bay of Islands – January 2019

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