Palm Beach Bungalows, Waiheke Island

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“When Jody approached us in early June 2016 it was perfect timing as we desperately needed help with marketing our accommodation business on Waiheke Island. We had been closed for months for extensive renovation work and it felt as though we had dropped off the tourist radar.

It was a huge relief not to have to deal with the rather confusing array of third-party websites with which we were registered – all inherited from the previous owner of our business – and to have an expert to sort out our pricing and manage promotions, and someone friendly we could bounce ideas off. It’s fantastic to know that Jody is always in the background, with her common-sense and relaxed, good-humoured approach.

Waiheke Island has some very quiet periods and I’m always impressed at the “out of the box” ideas she comes up with to try and encourage more guests to book with us. Not only would many of her ideas would not have entered our heads, but we just don’t have the time it seems necessary to spend online.

Over the past 12 months we have watched the Rooms Online team grow. Every employee we have dealt with has been down to earth and professional, and it’s clear they all want Palm Beach Bungalows to be a success. If I can impart one piece of advice it would be “trust Rooms Online”. It can be difficult to hand over any part of your business to a stranger not least because it’s not their business so why would they care? Rooms Online truly do care, so just because you don’t understand everything they do, please trust them as they truly do want your business to be a success.”


Kate and Graeme
Palm Beach Bungalows – Waiheke Island, Feb 2018

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