Alpha Motor Inn, Palmerston North

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Tell us a bit more about your property (no. of units, etc), location and service. I read on your website about your strong Kiwi connection, seen in unit names. Anything else? About us ….  We had NO motel experience at all. The previous motel owner closed his business and left the property. The Landlord approached us, and we agreed to take on the challenge!! Challenge it was! The booking system was very old and out dated.  As I said, we knew nothing.  The motel had a bad reputation and was not very busy.

We are passionate about NZ and as such, have themed the motel with a Kiwi theme. There are two buildings – North and South Island. Then 3 room types. Fantail family (5 rooms), Tui (10 studios) and Weka (5 studios). Each room has a theme – Auckland, Napier, Bay of Plenty, Taupo, Coromandel, Dunedin, Queenstown to name a few. (There is a Columbus coffee at Stewart Island!!!)

Why did you choose the Rooms Online service? We saw an advert for Rooms Online. The punch line for me was: We do the hard work, so you can concentrate on what you know best, dealing with your customers. I immediately phoned, and it has been like a weight lifted off my shoulders!

 Tell us about your online marketing mix – how many OTAs, which one is most significant, other channels etc.  We work mainly with and Expedia. Since working with Rooms Online, we have had a lot more Expedia bookings.

Tell us about the service and support you receive.  We have been so busy since signing up with Rooms Online. I can see how well they manage the prices, something that I did not do very well. They advise me every week what they are planning, and I am very happy with that.

Explain any concerns you first had about joining Rooms Online. I was scared. I did not know the staff and I was not sure if they would have my business at heart or if they knew what they were doing!! How silly my fears were!! The staff have been amazing. They are very tolerant of me and all my questions.

How do you find working with the Rooms Online team? The staff are great! They are friendly and know their subject. Before I started working with them, I interviewed them! I needed to know their background, before I could see that I could trust them.

What benefits have you seen as a result of your Rooms Online partnership? WOW!!! I don’t know what to say!! We have never been so busy! Our occupancy increased as soon as we employed Rooms Online.

Manager, Brenda Malan from Alpha Motor Inn joined Rooms Online in March 2018.








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