Acorn Estate Motel, Masterton

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“It’s been a hard couple of years. Being new to the industry and taking over a motel that didn’t have the online tools and technology behind the business we had to hit the ground running. Some days it felt like we were running backwards. Especially learning about OTA’s, channel managers, and dynamic pricing.

We have only been with Rooms Online just over four months and already feel that this is working for us. The communication is excellent with weekly and monthly emails and reports from our revenue manager and contact that is first rate. Our operations assistant who looks after the OTAs and websites is only an email or phone call away.

I’m excited about how far we can go. Our pricing and fit within the local market is now competitive. Wish we had known about Rooms Online from the very beginning.”


Karen & Trevor Stratford

Acorn Estate Motel – Masterton, December 2018

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