Recover – Consulting Support Service

Together we will develop a strategy to maximise bookings and revenue, and minimise the short and medium term impact of lost traditional markets.

In this service we will work with you to review your overall booking business strategy, starting by looking at what your previous target market was, and where you need to pivot to the current climate to ensure you are maximising opportunities in this new market.

Areas that we will cover are:

  • Online Presence – photo compilation, content descriptions, target markets, optimising your digital presence. This may include advice on the photos that you need to have online (to optimise your position on OTA’s e.g and Expedia), looking at the wording of your descriptions to appeal to domestic markets, or even local markets. Setting a long-term plan to cover potential changes in levels throughout the Covid-19 pandemic – all of these designed to get you as close to 100% optimised with each online channel and thus increase potential coverage.
  • Revenue Management – we will be looking at your rates with you, reviewing your current structure and – if you’re comfortable – working with you to create a dynamic pricing structure.  Rate structures have changed with the removal of international tourism visitors, but also with huge reduction in corporate travel throughout New Zealand.  This will mean a change of who you are appealing to and the rate they may be prepared to pay. We will work through this with you looking at your competitive set, local occupancy and rate data, and your own historic pricing.
  • Promotions – with a Domestic market that is currently saturated with fantastic accommodation opportunities, we will be looking at how you can use ‘calls to action’ to make sure you are placing yourself in front of your new and limited audience. Promotions and advertising are best utilised 3-6 months ahead meaning now is the time to look at Christmas, summer, and Easter holiday periods as a target area for promotions. With borders unlikely to open and international visitors looking to be a long time off, next winter is also an area to plan ahead for. We can discuss with you options of using promotion platforms you may have not used before. New normal requires new ideas!
  • System Changes – over this time we understand many businesses have been looking at costs, systems, and how to improve their bottom line. We are able to talk you through PMS and channel management systems to ensure that you are using the best one for your property.  We work with a large range of suppliers and can put you in contact with them.
  • Changes with Online Travel Agents – at this time there is a lot of changes to the online travel agents as they work to pivot to the new normal, changes to listings are being offered to businesses operating on these platforms. We work through with you what these changes mean, and how they can potentially affect your listing and your business.

Our service will initially ensure that you are being seen by the best target markets (and the most) for your business, we will then work with you to ensure you’re optimising your revenue, building back up your reservations, and reacting to our new normal  We will work with you to audit and check outcomes, and revenue changes to ensure that what we have discussed is working for your business or change as required.  As industry specialists we understand during these times with the ever changing landscape of tourism, it is very difficult to look at large changes to a previously successful business plan.  We are here to support you through this, discuss these changes, and direct you through any processes.

Hourly rate is $150.00+GST.  The time required will be individual to a properties needs, however we would suggest that 20-30 hours would be needed; an initial 10 – 15 hours in the first month to ensure that all areas have been reviewed, and new targeting and profiling plans set in place, and then assistance with ongoing audit and evaluation to ensure that your business is reacting well to the changes.  We would also be available for any urgent advice to react to market changes.

This service  is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting Regional Business Partner Network.  Vouchers may be provided to a business where the Growth Advisors have identified a need for management training as part of an action plan to support the business owner to grow and innovate their business.

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