A day in the life of Rooms Online revenue manager, Janferie Bowring

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Talk us through a usual day for you with Rooms Online?  My morning usually consists of a bike ride or home gym routine to clear the mind ready for a busy day. After this I do my usual  leisurely stroll down the hallway to my home office in Christchurch. Then follows the important tasks of checking for any urgent emails which are then assigned to be actioned during the day. Now onto my client rate checks,  whereby I analyse booking pick up, monitoring pace reports, looking at future statistic’s and potential campaigns.

Often the phone is ringing with queries or online issues which need to be investigated further. Sometimes events are announced which require urgent rate and restriction updates in some locations.

By this point it is most probably well past lunchtime so I take a quick break to recharge the energy and focus.

I then use this time to organise the following day and schedule any important phone calls, read over online travel agent (OTA) announcements or tourism updates, as well as catch up with fellow team members as there is always something to learn from each other.

What do you most enjoy about your job? Working with my team to support my clients and being able to offer ideas and suggestions that get positive results.

What are common mistakes you see with revenue management (or lack thereof)?  Many people have expectations of instant changes and instant results and viewing each booking at its individual value.  I try to encourage people think of the big picutre instead, let’s reward the early booker with discounts or lower rates to secure base bookings which then allow us to increase rates as the demand begins. The end result is achieving a good balance between occupancy and rate, with an increased average daily rate (ADR) overall.

Your stance on the online travel agents (OTAs)? OTAs are imperative we must participate as they are a key marketing tool to access our guests. We just need to be aware of how they operate and what options are available so that we can decide what works best for each property.

What key tips would you give to anyone wanting to leverage online channels?  Remember, as the market evolves the tactics of revenue management must be adjusted accordingly to optimise profit and increase the average daily rate (ADR). We have to constantly re-evaluate the variables involved in order to move dynamically with the market.  This is an ongoing process that requires dedication and attention, it is not a set and forget method.

Can you offer advice for smaller properties such as a holiday house or a smaller property? It is very important to leverage demand during key booking periods and identifying trends – add minimum stay policies to increase your base rates due to demand. During quieter times continue with dynamic pricing but introduce discounting and special deals to entice the booker.

Why join Rooms Online? We are here to work with you, make suggestions, help you improve your yield, and support you with any issues or queries you face.


About Janferie

Based from her Christchurch office Janferie brings to the team 25+ years’ experience in hospitality. With experience in many different roles including food & beverage, reception, reservations, systems support and revenue management, Janferie joined Rooms Online as Revenue Manager embarking on a new journey assisting clients to optimise their revenue.

Born and raised in North Canterbury “a true Cantabrian” with extensive local knowledge of the region. Outside of the office you are most likely to find Janferie chilling out under the water on Scuba.